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Josh Rubin

Co-Founder | CEO

Josh began his career in cannabis in 2017 as a consultant, analyzing trends in the cannabis market, including fluctuations in wholesale price-points, as well as patterns and anomalies in publicly traded cannabis companies. In addition, he managed product development projects, working with Israeli scientists to provide innovative solutions to U.S. cannabis brands.

Josh lived in Israel for five years, speaks fluent Hebrew, and often travels to Israel. Josh has an extensive background in political and non-profit fundraising in the United States, including the influential political lobby, the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). 

Josh has an MBA from Johns Hopkins University in marketing, MA from Reichman University in government, and a BA from Queens College in psychology and philosophy.

Rafi Cohen

Co-Founder | Chief Business Officer

Rafi has managed and overseen small and large-scale cannabis R&D projects since 2015, specializing in medical, cosmetic, wellness, and animal health products. 

For the past five years, Rafi has focused almost exclusively on the cannabis industry, being involved in research projects, product development, clinical studies, investments, and joint ventures.

Rafi is a founding partner at Cohen, Light, Ziv, and Associates after beginning his career as a corporate attorney at Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co., where he focused on M&A and strategic corporate development. Rafi has a B.ed. from Herzog College of Education, an MA from Yeshiva University in New York City, and an LL.B. from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Dr. Shimon Lecht

Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Lecht Is a visionary researcher and scientist with an entrepreneurial approach. He is an experienced multidisciplinary drug development leader. Dr. Lecht is an expert in cannabinoid-based product development including their effects and pharmacokinetic properties. As Chief Innovation Officer at DTL, Dr. Lecht brings along valuable experience in pre-clinical R&D, from early discovery, through formulations development to clinical trials.

Prior to joining DTL, Dr. Lecht took a leading part in multiple cannabis and botanical drug development projects, provided regulatory services to bio-tech start-up companies towards engagement with FDA, and founded a pharmaceutical consulting firm. Dr. Lecht completed post-doctoral training in Regenerative Medicine (Temple University, PA), holds an MSc and a PhD in Pharmacology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is a licensed pharmacist (BScPharm, RPh) in Israel. Dr. Lecht has published numerous peer-reviewed publications and has presented at dozens of international meetings and conferences.

Dr. Jeremy Riggle

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Dr. Riggle is an analytical chemist committed to bringing scientific integrity, standards, and transparency to the cannabis space. He specializes in cannabinoid-based research focusing on the analytics of cannabis, characterizing its associated compounds, and developing novel cannabinoid formulations. As Chief Manufacturing Officer, Dr. Riggle will contribute to the optimization and scaling up of DTL’s unique and game-changing technology, including quality control and assurance, research and development, and internal analytical and efficacy testing.

Prior to joining DTL, Dr. Riggle developed, from idea to market, more than 10 different cannabis consumer products, facilitated and directed one of the first IRB approved clinical trials in the US involving a medical cannabis product, and reformulated several consumer products to remove potentially toxic and/or undesirable ingredients. He holds a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID, has been invited to speak at cannabis conferences across the globe, and has had multiple research presentations accepted by the International Cannabinoid Research Society.

Naama Koreh

Director, Branding & Marketing

Naama began her career in marketing in 2007, building brand awareness from the ground up at several leading Israeli firms. Since then, she has continued to drive a marketing strategy that is at the forefront of industry standards.

As a skilled storyteller and content creator, Naama has an extensive background in integrated marketing campaigns that promote brand awareness, public relations, and inclusivity – from conceptualization of brand identity and collateral to website development and social media presence.

Naama has an MA from Reichman University in Government, Diplomacy, and Conflict Studies. She also holds a BA from Tel Aviv University in Political Science and Communications.

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