R&D Support

DTL's Comprehensive Innovation and R&D Capabilities

More than an ingredient manufacturer

We extend our Comprehensive Innovation and R&D capabilities to provide holistic support to  our clients

Making a global presence in the market

Our top scientists and researchers in Israel offer a new pathway for global cannabis research and drug development.

Cleaner & advanced results yielding a superior product

Our R&D Support arm develops SOPs and shared IP for new formulations and cleaner products.

Enter the market early for optimal success

Our Product Marketing Services help you launch, brand and market new edibles powered by Unlokt™.

Innovation and R&D: DTL’s cutting-edge research and development team, along with our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical-grade lab located in Israel, have opened up new horizons for global cannabis R&D. Our scientists have developed a new pathway to advance research in areas such as Parkinson’s disease, product formulation, and more.

R&D Support: DTL’s R&D Support arm partners with brands and manufacturers to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) and shared intellectual property for new and improved formulations, as well as cleaner and safer products.

Product Marketing Services: DTL’s product marketing services are designed to support clients who are incorporating Unlokt, adding new SKU’s, or launching a new brand. We offer comprehensive services and resources to help clients introduce and market their new edibles powered by Unlokt.

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