Six years ago, our pharmaceutical team looked at the current edibles challenge through their professional lens and decided it was time to allow consumers to enjoy the benefits cannabis has to offer naturally.

Cannabis is very hydrophobic, and as such isn’t directly shuttled into your bloodstream when ingested, but rather waits for a protein to assist. Not only that, but your body also metabolizes it, altering the effect.

Imagine if you had a headache and needed a pain reliever, but the moment you took one, it was metabolized and converted into a hallucinogen, and your body never got the relief it craved. Our pharmaceutical team knew the problem was exactly that, consumers are ingesting cannabis, but not getting it as intended.

That’s what sparked the genius of Unlokt™.

Unlokt™ provides a natural protein that, for the first time ever, shuttles the cannabis directly into circulation, in an authentically pure and precise way, resulting in a clean, functional, and consistent high. While protecting the delicate terpenes and cannabinoids, it bypasses first-pass metabolism, delivering cannabis as intended™.


enhancing lives through cannabis innovation


Less than 10% in systemic circulation

~ 10% – 20% in systemic circulation

~ 50% in systemic circulation

Natural terpenes & cannabinoids curate the experience for a revolutionary high

Unlokt™ mirrors full spectrum terpenes and cannabinoids creating a pure high curated by the naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids in each specific strain.

Clean ingredients, revolutionary high.


use cases


Precision doses of fast-acting cannabinoids can be delivered in the desired ratios for a consistent, predictable, and controlled effect.


Non-psychoactive cannabinoids require tremendous amounts of product to demonstrate a clinical effect. By bypassing 1st pass metabolism, in an all-natural, pure way and delivering a higher payload to the blood, Unlokt™ can dramatically reduce the amount of CBx needed for clinical efficacy.

A pharmacodynamic in-vivo study demonstrates Unlokt’s™ superior, more potent, prolonged effects when used for pain reduction

In pharma-model PK studies, Unlokt™ consistently reached circulation 3-8x faster than conventional delivery methods, in as short as 5 minutes.


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