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day three labs™

Day Three Labs™ (DTL) is a cannabinoid CPG ingredient manufacturer specializing in the development and commercialization of novel cannabis product solutions.

An international company with headquarters in Denver and a pharmaceutical research lab in Israel, DTL works to reimagine existing cannabis offerings by delivering precision and predictability into the infused product experience.

DTL’s revolutionary technology is the only way for consumers to enjoy a strain specific experience in a clean, all-natural way.

DTL’s portfolio includes proprietary pharmaceutical-grade infusion technologies aimed at handing control of the cannabis experience to the everyday consumer.

Enhancing lives through cannabis innovation to deliver cannabis as intended™ .


technology that delivers
precision and predictability
to the infused product

Our revolutionary pharma-grade technology allows consumers to enjoy, for the first time ever, a true strain-specific experience in a pure, all natural way.

Without any synthetic ingredients or surfactants, Unlokt™ preserves the magic of terpenes and cannabinoids in every strain, resulting in a highly functional, and very pleasurable experience.

Unlocking the power of the plant ™.



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